A native South Floridian, Stephanie Myers is a former board member of the Broward County ACLU, a member of the Broward DEC, and the Broward Progressive Caucus. Previously serving as the lead organizer of the 2017 Women’s Rally in South Florida, Stephanie continues working to fight for the people and be a voice that cannot be silenced and will not be bought. Her decision to run for elected office came as a means to be involved in creating real change, and to help those who feel disenfranchised by the political system make their voices be heard.

Stephanie wants to represent and support the constituents of District 93. She has disavowed corporate greed and special interests, and has pledged to run her campaign independently of these compromising influences. Unquestionable integrity is at the heart of her candidacy.

This campaign is supported by and driven by you, the people.



The Miami New Times named Stephanie Myers one of the Most Interesting People in Miami in 2017 adding to her name to a group of legends like DJ Khaled, Phil Collins, Gabrielle Union and Lee Brian Schrager. She earned this honor after stepping into the leadership role of the Women’s Rally in South Florida, which brought out 25,000 locals to speak up for women’s rights. While it was her first true activist event as organizer or attendee, Stephanie had seen the ugly rhetoric before, during, and after the election cycle of 2016 and knew that healing needed to take place in her native South Florida community. Passionate about protecting her community, she was concerned about how Trump’s reckless agenda would impact local issues like the delicate environment of South Florida, healthcare, and education, and she knew she must step up to do something.

A tried-and-true South Floridian, Stephanie was born in Miami in 1974 and grew up attending local public schools and working for small local businesses. Growing up she was a bit of a tom boy and excelled in sports as well as dance and noticed she gravitated towards science and math in a time when those subjects were overwhelmingly dominated by men. Graduating at the top of her class from Miami Palmetto Senior High School, she was accepted to attend the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis. After a couple of years at Wash U, Stephanie knew that she was not realizing her passion so she left school in search of it.  She found herself in Colorado, where she earned an Associates’ Degree in Computer Networking and worked in the technology sector for almost a decade.  Upon her return home to Florida following the technology crash of 2001, Stephanie set out to earn her Bachelor’s Degree. She sold her car to support herself while studying full time at Nova Southeastern University, culminating in Stephanie earning her Baccalaureates degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Philosophy.

Upon finishing her studies, Stephanie was given the opportunity to work in an entirely new field, and not being one to shy away from a challenge, she accepted.  Stephanie quickly excelled in the financial and banking industry, becoming a Customer Service manager, and eventually went on to help to build a company from the ground up as the Director of Customer Service. Her exemplary and polished team building, organizational, managerial and people skills resulted in complete turnarounds and she was credited with substantial positive growth and accolades in each department she managed. She presently is a Patient Relationship Agent for a women’s wellness center, a health facility run by female health professionals to treat women in a multidisciplinary practice. Her work for this practice is important to Stephanie because of both the service and employment opportunities it provides are essential to women’s health and wellbeing.

“This is no longer a time where I can be idle.”

Stephanie did not let her momentum falter after the success of the Women’s Rally in South Florida.  In fact, once she became active she knew she could not stop. Not only had she found her passion, she had found her voice. Stephanie continued her activism by becoming involved in organizations where she could make a difference in issues that she was passionate about. First, she joined the Broward Democratic Party, the Broward Democratic Progressive Caucus, the West Broward Democratic Women’s club, and became a member and a Board Member of the ACLU along with engaging with other local and national organizations. She also serves on the board of the Broward Chapter Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida.

A short time after the Women’s Rally, Stephanie would find her path once again being changed but this time by a phone call. She was asked to speak at the Democratic Party’s “Come Together and Fight Back” tour stop in Miami. Stephanie immediately accepted this honorable invitation, despite never having given a formal public speech, and found herself in the enviable position of speaking just before Senator Bernie Sanders and DNC Chairman Tom Perez were scheduled to take the stage. During her passionate speech about answering the call to serve to organize the Women’s Rally in South Florida, she reminded the crowd ,“If you do not have a seat at the table, it is because you likely are on the menu”, she heard a voice unexpectedly scream from the crowd, “Run for office!” Knowing that this had to be a sign and knowing that the best way to effect change was to run for office, Stephanie has decided to do just that.

Stephanie Myers is running to flip Florida House District 93 and with your help, she will be able to take her passion, her voice and her ability to actually get things done to Tallahassee and make changes that will benefit the residents of Broward County and the State of Florida.